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  • Jun 2021
    Reliable vehicle with plenty of room. Very ecomical and pleasant to drive.
    —lisa Y - 2008 Toyota Corolla 1.5 VVTi 5 Speed Manual
  • Feb 2021
    Very comfortable car to drive. Smooth and spacious
    —Ronwyn S - 2008 Toyota Corolla Fielder AERO TOURER
  • Jan 2021
    Very fuel efficient and very smooth to drive.
    —Tammy D - 2008 Toyota Corolla Auris New Years Sale
  • Jan 2021
    Really great car heaps of room very cheap on petrol but still plenty of power when needed
    —Ivan C - 2008 Toyota Corolla FIELDER 1.5
  • Dec 2020
    Brilliant little car. Couldn't have made a better choice.
    —Liam N - 2008 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Dec 2020
    It is great to drive cheap to run and plenty of room
    —Gemma F - 2008 Toyota Corolla FIELDER
  • Nov 2020
    Great car for my newly licensed son to drive. Hes a big guy so needed a roomy car.
    —David H - 2008 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Sep 2020
    Great vehicle. Powerful enough with good fuel economy.
    —Justin B - 2008 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Sep 2020
    —Tomasi N - 2008 Toyota Corolla Fielder
  • Sep 2020
    The corolla is a great car, easy as on the fuel, heaps of space in the boot and the back of the car, has a good engine to get you up those hills with ease, and doesnt sound like its struggling either. Nice first car, reliable, will do me for quite a while
    —Jonathan M - 2008 Toyota Corolla 1.8P GX SEDAN 4 4A
  • Aug 2020
    Good storage/boot space for the size of car, quite economical, nice to drive. Great reputation for reliability.
    —Christpher M - 2008 Toyota Corolla Fielder 1.8lt
  • Jun 2020
    It is an economical great car
    —Rizwaana L - 2008 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Jun 2020
    Toyota rule!
    —Kirsty S - 2008 Toyota Collora Fielder
  • May 2020
    It's was perfect I love it. I had done a bit of research on them before I brought, and so happy with it.
    —Kerry W - 2008 Toyota Corolla Fielder 1500cc automatic low 52kms airbags abs alloys 5 door
  • Apr 2020
    Fuel Economy, its Appearance and Very Reliable. This are the most important aspects I seen in this car I bought.Highly Recommended for other buyers.
    —Elton H - 2008 Toyota Corolla Fielder 1.5X
  • Mar 2020
    Great car in great condition at a great price
    —Reco A - 2008 Toyota Collora Fielder
  • Jan 2020
    Very big room to fit all your shopping and your family as well as easy on petrol and maintenance.
    —IBRAHIM F - 2008 Toyota Corolla Fielder 1.5X Wagon
  • Dec 2019
    These are a great little car, plenty of room and good power for a little 1.5L. Not too bad on the gas too which was important to me.
    —TOHERANGI H - 2008 Toyota Corolla RUMION
  • Nov 2019
    Easy to find a park as it is a smaller vehicle but big/roomy enough to fit 5 comfortably
    —Caitlyn L - 2008 Toyota Corolla AURIS
  • Sep 2019
    Cool wee car. Seats sit up high so maybe not the best if above 5 ft 10 lol.
    —Mark B - 2008 Toyota Corolla FIELDER X AERO TOURER
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